Media Use Habits of Youth: Exploring Seeking Pattern

Muhammad Aslam Pervez & Shahid Hussain


This research study brings to light the usage pattern of new media among the youth in Pakistan. The study is based on the survey of 500 young people studying in various colleges and universities of Rawalpindi and Islamabad. The study has explored many interesting facts about the media use habits of youth with special reference to latest trends and preferences given by youth in using various media outlets. The results show that Female respondents are getting more exposure to Television, Radio, Film and Mobile Phone, while Male respondents are getting more exposure to Newspapers and Internet. Interestingly, Rural Areas youth has been found getting more exposure to Traditional media, while, the Urban youth is getting more exposure to Internet, Film and Mobile Phone. The trend of internet and mobile phone has been found very popular among the Pakistani youth, while habit of using radio had a negative Trend. The Pearson Correlation between youth’s getting of first hand information through various media outlets viz Television, Radio, Newspaper, Internet and Mobile Phone and youth’s preference/ choice about the specific media outlet for getting further details about the same incident has been found positive and significant. This shows that Pakistani youth prefers the same media for confirmation and further details, through which it gets the first hand information on news/current affairs. The study supports the Uses and Gratification theory of Katz, Blumler, & Gurevitch (1974), which advocates that the media users are active and they use various media to gratify their needs.

 Keywords:   New Media, Traditional Media, Youth, Media Gratification, Trends, Preferences

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