China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC): A Paradigm Shift in Power Politics

Azmat Ullah & Muhammad Anwar


Pakistan and China has long history of deep rooted and time-tested friendship. The changes of power in both states do not affect their relations. Since the beginning of CPEC which is a mega project of China’s One Belt One Road (OBOR) strategy and is a great step in cementing Pak-China nexus, is also seen and surmised by the world powers as a paradigm shift in the power politics that might lead towards new polarizations. World powers are showing varied attitudes towards CPEC and are keenly observing new developments. Chinese influence has accelerated in the neighboring countries because it at present is the second largest economy in the world. Pakistan is the only neighbor of China with which it enjoys friendly relations. China’s strong political, social, economic, cultural and defense relations with Pakistan paves the way for strengthening its economy by getting access to the Middle Eastern, African and Central Asian markets through Gwadar Port. The project is seen as a stepping stone for the promotion of peace and stability in Asia which may open more avenues to bring the world together by solving regional issues. Besides, the resistance of world powers for undermining the growing and cementing China-Pakistan relation through CPEC is also disclosed by focusing the major question that how CPEC is strengthening the relations between China and Pakistan and what paradigm shift will take place in the power politics of the region and of the world?

Keywords:  CPEC, OBOR, Sino-Pakistan Nexus, Cementing, Power Politics, Asian Politics and the US, Polarization

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