Violence and Surrogate Victims in Edward Bond’s Plays

Salma Khatoon



What is most striking about Edward Bond’s plays is his unconventional representation of visible violence and insanity on a Gothic scale. His Gothic impulse finds its most intense manifestation in his treatment of varied forms of aggressivity. In other words, Bond’s refusal of the conventional limits and his critique of society is located primarily within a Gothic structuring of the elements of violence and madness. The main argument of the article is that Bond challenges all misleading rationalist and realist interpretations, myths, and fallacies of violence and dismantles them through the concept of surrogate victims of aggression and irrationality. To substantiate the argument, the article employs Jean-Marie Domenach’s concept of vague aggressivity, and chance victims to reveal the real horror of violence in all its transgressive excesses, ambivalence, and graphic visuality in the modern world.

Keywords: Violence, Victims, Politics, Gothic, aggression

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