Portrayal of the Drone Attacks during Republican and Democratic Regimes: A Comparative Analysis of Daily Dawn and The New York Times

Aatif Iftikhar  & Faiz Bakhsh


Drone-attacks have achieved a fair-share in the press coverage during recent decades. They are deemed as an integral and impressive part of modern-day war strategy, particularly in the United States of America (USA) led War-on-Terror. The study examined how two leading Pakistani and American newspapers portrayed drone attacks in Pakistan during Republican (George W. Bush) and Democratic (Barack Obama) regimes. Content analysis and framing were used as methodological tools. All the editorials were analyzed which were published on the subject during the timeline of sixteen years (January 2001 – January 2017). The results show that both the newspapers are independent, balanced and suggestive. During Bush administration there were relatively fewer editorials on the subject due to the fewer drone attacks in his regime. Both the newspapers framed drone attacks differently in each regime. There is significant difference in framing and slanting of newspapers during democratic regime in which The New York Time was more favorable to drone attacks than Daily Dawn. The study also reveals that Pak-US relations comparatively remained hostile during Obama regime.

Keywords: Drone attacks, Democratic, Republican, Pakistan, United States, Framing, The New York Times, Daily Dawn

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