Linguistic Choices of Interlocutors in the Classroom and Understanding of Science

Zafar Iqbal & Nasir Mahmood


The study was based on classroom interaction to identify linguistic choices among participants to understand concepts of science. Two classes of 7th grade students of a private sector school were observed during classroom teaching of a unit taught in nine sessions. The study employed mix method approach with convergent parallel mix method design. Quantitative data was based on students’ conceptual understanding measured through pre-test post-test procedure using a worksheet based on concepts of the unit observed during teaching. The qualitative data was based on classroom audio recordings during teaching of this unit completed in nine sessions, each session was equal to 40 minutes. Paired sample t-test was used to analyze quantitative data while NVivo software was used to analyze text data based on audio recordings. Some significant words, questions words, styles and phrases were identified in the text of classroom interaction followed by productive discussion which enhanced students understanding of science. The findings also highlighted the importance of linguistic choices made during classroom interactions played role in students’ participation and their learning opportunity


Keywords: Classroom Interaction, Linguistic Choices, Students’ Understanding, Science Concepts, School Systems, Scaffolding

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