Smartphone Usage by College Students and its Impact on Traditional Media

Malik Tariq Mahmood, Muhammad Umar Farooq & Muhammad Shahzad


The world is on the rise with the advancement of handheld technologies like smartphone which has substituted the traditional media with advanced functions like SMS, telephone, diary, etc. with internet connectivity. College students use smartphone as a multi-purpose gadget like sending and receiving text messages, voice-calling, listening radio or watching television and web hosting, etc. Also, television channels and newspapers are available on the internet. The study investigated the ‘smartphone usage by college students and its impact on traditional media. The researchers found that all respondents, irrespective of their gender, were equally using smartphone. They have been using internet on their smartphone for news updates instead of accessing radio, television or newspaper directly.  Male respondents have been watching sports on their smartphone instead of on television. Most of the respondents agreed that smartphone has reduced the time which they used to spend on traditionally media. The overall perception about the usage of smartphone by the respondents was also analysed and a significant difference was found among boys and girls. On the other hand, the results statistically revealed significant relationship between gender and smartphone usage instead of using traditional media.


 Keywords: Smartphone, Usage, Students, College, Impact, Traditional Media.

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