Framing the Syrian Uprising: Comparative Analysis of Khaleej Times and The New York Times

Bakht Rawan, Ph.D & Shahid Imran


The study reports on framing of the Syrian uprising by two international newspapers i.e. Khaleej Times and The New York Times in the perspectives of their respective cultures, political inclinations and national policies regarding the problem in question. For this purpose editorials of the selected newspapers published from 15 March 2011 to 14 March 2012 were analyzed. The findings showed differences in the number of stories published by the two newspapers nevertheless, the mean length of editorials on the issue was almost the same. The two papers were also found not to be on the same page in treating and framing the issue. As far as framing of the issue is concerned, both the newspapers gave similar unfavorable coverage to Bashar al Assad however, conforming to their own cultures, political orientations, and official state policies both the papers framed the issue.

 Keywords:   Khaleej Times, The New York Times, Syrian uprising, framing.

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