US Mass Media and Image of Pakistan: An Analysis of Newsweek and the Economist after Salala Incident

Muhammad Ashraf Khan, Ph.D & Beenish Zaheen


The study examines the portrayal of Pakistan in the U.S mass media ‘The Economist’ and ‘Newsweek’ in the light of cultural difference theory. Pakistan has been an important ally of U.S in ‘war on terror’ after 9/11. NATO attack at Salala check post in which 28 Pakistani soldiers were killed became the core reason to strain this co-operation. As a result NATO supply was closed. The study analyses 27 articles from the ‘Economist’ and 5 articles from ‘News Week’ published during 1st Dec, 2011 to 30th April, 2012 to check Pakistan’s image in the U.S media after Salala incident. Findings of the study suggest that both the magazines present Pakistan as foe and Pakistan received more unfavourable coverage in the Economist and News week. Moreover it is also found that the major reason of negative image of Pakistan is its ‘Islamic character’ which is mainly portrayed as threat to the interest of America.        

 Keywords:   US mass media, Image of Pakistan, Islam, Salala check post, The Economist, Newsweek. Cultural difference theory

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