Treatment of Terrorism Issue in Pakistani Minorities Press

Zahid Yousaf & Mughees Uddin Sheikh


Terrorism has become a serious issue throughout the globe particularly after 9/11 incidents in the United States, these incidents changed the situation as United States announced to start a war against terrorism along with the help of its allies across the world including Pakistan. Media being an important stake holder also protested against the terrorist incidents. The Pakistani Minorities’ Press unlike other media also showed involvement in the form of coverage to the terrorism issue, initially there was a mixed stance regarding the involvement of Pakistan in this war but with the passage of time Pakistani media and particularly minorities’ press started favoring the state policy on war against terrorism. The recent study aims to find out the treatment of the Pakistani Minorities’ Press while covering the terrorism from September 2001 to December 2006. In the study Agenda Setting Theory of media was used determining the Media Agenda using content analysis technique to analyze the contents of the selected Pakistani Minorities’ Press. The results of the study showed that as a whole the Minorities’ Press from Pakistan favored the Pakistani government’s policy on the terrorism issue.

 Keywords:  terrorism, newspapers, agenda setting, media agenda, content analysis, magazines, war on terrorism, minorities’ press.

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