Myth and Reality: A Critical Discourse Analysis of Olaf Caroe’s “The Judgment”

Nasir Mehmood,Hazrat Umar & Muhammad Uzair


This article aims at investigating how social control and power relationship are represented through language. It explores how unequal relations between the dominant and dominated are ideologically disguised and naturalized to the advantage of a particular group. It identifies how dominant political positions influence the public opinion. The text which constitutes the data for the current study is a chapter titled “The Judgment” taken from The Pathans- a book written by Olaf Caroe. After critical discourse analysis of the text, specifically taking the merits of the judgment, the authors of this study make the case of Khushhal Khan and Aurangzeb, as a point of departure. It has been found that the author of The Pathans shows his weak appraisal of the events and makes self-contradictory statements thereby weakening his arguments. Finally, after looking into the evidences, the study concludes that the actual cause of Khushhal Khan’s imprisonment was a political conspiracy rather than his rebellion against King Aurangzeb’s authority, which the author of The Pathans took for granted.



 Keywords: Khushhal Khan, political conspiracy, rebellion, King Aurangzeb, CDA, ideology

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