Indian Muslim Nationalism: The Case of Jam‘iyyat’ Ulama-I-Hind (1919)

Kiran Latif & Taj Afsar


The  debate  on  20th  century  Nationalism  has  often  been  considered  specific  to  Euro-American academic discourse. The case of Orient, in particular of Indian Subcontinent has only recently been explored from socio-historical perspective in this regard. It is in this light that the case of Jam‘iyyat ‘Ulama-i Hind (est. 1919) and its proposal of ‘composite nationalism’ has been explored in the given article. An attempt has been made on the placement of JUH’s idea in the socio-historical context thereby identifying its significance and relevance in the contemporary academic field of South-Asian Islam.

Keywords: Jam’iyyat ‘Ulama-i Hind, Composite Nationalism, Islam in South Asia, Nation-State.

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