Are We Raising Future Leaders? Parenting Styles and Leadership Traits in Adolescents

Saima Ghazal & Shaista Riaz



A leadership deficit is perhaps Pakistan’s most pressing problem. You talk to any expert or analyst; all would agree that Pakistan has a serious dearth of leaders. Is it possible that we are raising more followers than leaders? Research shows that parenting styles may hinder or enhance leadership traits in children (e.g. children of authoritarian parents may lack critical social/communication skills). This study investigates how parenting styles (authoritative, authoritarian, permissive) influence leadership behaviors in children. Data was collected from Lahore high schools (both public & private schools, boys and girls). Parenting styles were assessed by approaching respective parents. Overall, results indicate that children significantly lack leadership characteristics. It was also noticed that majority of the parents had authoritarian style, whereas authoritative parenting style positively predicted (β = .27, p< .001) leadership behaviors. Implications are discussed highlighting the contribution of parents in development and emergence of leadership behaviors at younger ages in the Pakistani context.

Keywords: Leadership Development, Parenting Styles, Adolescent Leadership, Authoritative Parenting

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