Status of Health Care of Senior Citizens in Rural and Urban Areas of District Mirpurkhas

Ghulam Qadir Arbab, Nanik Ram & Fateh Muhammed Marri



Increasing ageing global trends have created challenges for entire world including developed as well as developing countries. Health problems and care are most important factors for a balanced life in old age. This study was done to study the current status of health of senior citizens and their perceptions about medical care services. In total, 400 interviews were conducted with male and female seniors in rural and urban areas of district Mirpurkhas. After data cleaning 385 interviews were analysed and results are presented in this article. The study found that the current health status of majority of male and female senior citizens in rural as well as urban areas is either below average or very bad and they don’t get proper health care services mainly due to poverty and no value in the family. The study also found that the government health facilities lack special services for senior citizens. The study recommends creation of awareness and income security so that senior citizens can take care of their health care needs to avoid burden on their family home budget and improvement in government hospitals to effectively look after senior citizens.

Keywords: Senior Citizens, Ageing Care, Older People, Health Care, Income Security, Older People

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