Effects of Digital Media on Cultural Values of Female University Students of Punjab, Pakistan

Ghulam Safdar, Malik Tariq Mahmood & Muhammad Shahzad



Digital media has made this world global village. Female university students are heavy consumer of digital media. Frequently access to digital media without any boundaries may impose various effects. The basic aim of current research study was to know the effects of digital media on cultural values of female university students belonging to Punjab, Pakistan. Youth especially female acts as symbolic representation of any society and to assess any cultural elements, university is best place where freedom of gender brings significant changes. Current study was conducted in public sector universities of Punjab Pakistan. It was survey based study and data was collected from 584 female students. Study was historically theme of “Social Learning Theory” and “Uses and Gratification Theory”. The study revealed that digital media has captured almost all the factors of life of students and proved itself vital part of life. Furthermore, digital media is source of importing foreign culture and fading Pakistani culture among the females of Pakistan.

Keywords: Digital Media, Female University Students, Cultural Effects

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