An Empirical Investigation of Impact of Knowledge Management Processes on Banks Performance in Pakistan

Javed Habib-ur-Rehman & Iftikhar Hussain



The development of knowledge management as an applied enterprise discipline is associated with the rising comprehension of that knowledge which is an important asset for organizations to hold feasible competitive advantages. Knowledge management meets the necessities of problem solving; new idea generation and productivity development activities which improves the firm’s performance. Researchers explored the relationship between knowledge management processes and banks performance. Some previous studies have also investigated this phenomenon. However, literature lacks empirical studies. To fill this gap, this study emphasizes on conducting an integrative empirical research and find relationships between knowledge management processes and performance. The researcher has used questionnaire as a tool to collect the data from 304 individuals of banking sector of Azad Kashmir using simple random technique. Moreover, to investigate the collected data, descriptive statistics using SPSS 20 has been applied and tested via correlation, multiple regression and AOVA tests. The results confirm that knowledge management processes have a positive impact on organization performance. The research found that knowledge management processes significantly influenced performance of the banks. This research might be utilized as a stepping stone for more empirical research on knowledge management and knowledge management approaches.

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Knowledge, KM, Knowledge Management System, Performance, Banks

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