Jinnah – Fazlul Huq Relations: An Appraisal

Farooq Ahmad Dar


In order to win over the support of the Muslim masses of Bengal for the Pakistan cause, Mohammad Ali Jinnah needed patronage from the local influential. One of the better options was Abul Kasem Fazlul Huq, popularly known as Sher-i-Bengal, who was simultaneously was well-linked with poor rural peasants of eastern districts of the province as well as the urban business class of Calcutta. On the recommendation of Jinnah, Huq presented the famous Lahore Resolution in the twenty-seventh session of the Muslim League held in March 1940 and thus is commonly recognized not only as one of the main leaders of Pakistan Movement but also as one of the closest associates of Jinnah. This paper intends to explore this myth by covering different ups and downs in the relationship between the two, mainly focusing on the events which took place between the two elections, i.e. 1936-37 to 1945-46.

Keywords:  Jinnah, Fazl ul Haq, Bengal, Muslim League, Pakistan movement, elections.


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