Gender Resistance: A Feminist Critical Discourse Analysis of Qaisra Shahraz’s ‘A Pair of Jeans & Other Stories’

Rashida Parveen & Samina Amin Qadir



This research aims at critically examining the theoretical notion of gender resistance in Qaisra Shahraz (2013)’s ‘A Pair of Jeans & Other Stories’ to explore the dynamic and complex nature of gender representation in all of its intricacies within the context of Pakistani patriarchal society. Therefore, the primary focus of the research is to analyze whether selected short stories of Qaisra Shahraz reproduce or challenge traditional and stereotypical notion of femininity. This research paper, further, exclusively focuses on the female characters as depicted in the short stories to investigate the ways through which females resist the patriarchal assumptions embedded in hegemonic gender ideology to redefine their positions and/or to empower themselves. The data for this research is purposefully selected from the key epistemological site of short fiction which is not only the reflection of real life but also critically important in exploring the issues which have social and cultural relevance and gender is the most important of them. The theoretical and methodological approach of Feminist Critical Discourse Analysis (Lazar, 2005) is used to analyze the data for its potential strength in decoding and deciphering gendered discourses since it entails the theoretical and methodological insights from two key fields to the study of gender i.e. feminism and critical discourse analysis. On the basis of conclusion drawn from the data analysis, the research reveals that Qaisra Shahraz’s short stories do not reproduce traditional and stereotypical notion of feminity and her female characters often contest and challenge the patriarchal assumptions embedded in hegemonic gender ideology to carve out new identities for them. In the light of conclusions drawn, it is safe to assert that Qaisra Shahraz’s selected short fiction is predominantly feminist in nature.


Keywords: Feminity, Gender, Resistance, Hegemony, Patriarchy, Short Fiction, Feminism.

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