Thomas at Taxila in the Twilight of the Raj

Hugh van Skyhawk


In 1935 when the famed Thomas Cross of Taxila was given over to the British Deputy Commissioner of Rawalpindi, the Hon. Cuthbert King (1889-1981), ICS, whose wife, Elsie Vivienne King (d. 1960[1]), later entrusted it to the Fifth Bishop of Lahore, the Rt. Rev. George Dunsworth Barne (1879-1954), George V (1865-1936) had been King of England and Emperor of India since 1910.

Notwithstanding the horrendous sacrifices the First World War had extracted from his subjects and the frequent political turmoil engaged in by his subjects on their diverse ways to self-determination, George V still looked out upon an empire on which the sun never set. In little more than a decade after his death the grandeur of the empire that George had inherited from his grandmother, Queen Victoria (1819-1901), was to vanish forever as one by one the ‘jewels’ dropped out of the crown and declared themselves to be independent states.


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