Sir Mohammad Shafi’s Contribution in Pakistan Movement

Syed Akmal Hussain Shah


Sir Syed School of thought played important role in promoting Indian Muslims’ cause and securing their interest on All India level. The group, following Sir Syed Ahmad Khan’s style of politics, presented Muslim demands before Lord Minto for the then upcoming reforms. Later on most of the demands were accommodated in the Act of 1909. The group formed first All India level Muslim political party i.e. All India Muslim League (AIML) and thus provided solid base for Muslim separatism in India.  All future developments regarding Indian Muslims right are linked with strong notion of that separate Muslim identity.

      Within Sir Syed’s sphere of influence Mians of Baghbarpura, Lahore are standing towerly in annuals of Pakistan Movement. Among ‘Mians’ of Baghbarpura’ Sir Mohammad Shafi is the most prominent figure of his time who played vital role in furthering Muslim League.  In this paper an effort will be made to describe and analyze Sir Mohammad Shafi’s role in All-India Muslim League.

      No prominent published comprehensive works is available regarding his contribution in Indian Muslim politics.


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